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NexGen Campus is one of the recent investments of Multishine. Demand for private higher education in Sri Lanka is increasing day by day and it has become a good business opportunity by now. NexGen Campus is established with the vision to deliver quality international education in Sri Lanka. It has got partnerships from some of the leading universities and awarding bodies from UK. Currently available in Kandy and will be expanded across the island with branch campuses in years to come.

Available Course programs in the Nexgen Campus

English Programs

Certification English
Diploma English
Spoken English
Business English


Certification in Computer Science
Diploma in Computer Science
Diploma in Web Development
Diploma in Graphic Design


Diploma in CAD
Diploma in Architectural CADD
Diploma in Mechanical CADD
Diploma in Civil CADD

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At NexGen, our students get the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of programs that are available in Engineering, Business Management, Psychology, English Language, Information & Communication Technology, Social Media..etc and enable them to choose the best future career prospects by being specific on their future goals.

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NexGen Campus is one of the recent investments of Multishine.

  • Lanka Multishine (pvt) Ltd,
    NO 129/5/1, D.S.Senanayake Street, Kandy
  • 081 222 62 62 / 3 /4
    071- 262 62 62
  • lankamultishine@gmail.com